We all know that the pandemic has taken a toll on the livelihoods of many Malaysians. With the lockdown (a.k.a. MCO or Movement Control Order in Malaysia) lifted for inter-district and inter-state travels, and with domestic tourism in full swing since the success of the pilot project on the Langkawi travel bubble, rays of hope are in the offing for the economy to be healed, and we can therefore expect a good fourth quarter GDP growth that will propel the economy to perform better and better, albeit gradually.

But as in the nature of things, there will be a delayed effect in that some rakyats will continue to suffer from the economic impact of the pandemic in the sense that for them, especially for the vulnerable group, things will get worse before they get better. The Government, to its credit, is reaching out to this vulnerable group by pumping in more financial assistance, aiming to make Malaysia an attractive destination for foreign investors and to increase high value-added employment.

Some from the vulnerable group are enterprising enough to embrace the challenge by taking advantage of the burgeoning digital platforms where people are more and more beginning to do all sorts of things online (your Editor is no exception), including setting up businesses and working from their mobile phones, in order to make ends meet.

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